Bitung City
Nomads Village

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Bitung City
Nomads Village

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Bitung City Nomads Guide

Welcome To Bitung City

Nestled in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, Bitung City is a paradise where residents embrace nature, cleanliness, and friendliness. They passionately protect the lush forests, pristine beaches, and vibrant marine ecosystems surrounding their city through tree-planting and beach clean-up initiatives. Immaculate streets, proper waste management, and well-maintained public spaces are essential aspects of life in Bitung City. Bitung City’s warm hospitality is legendary as visitors are warmly welcomed, culture and natural treasures are shared, and a strong sense of community is fostered. Their love for the environment and open-hearted nature make Bitung City an inspiring destination for digital nomads from all walks of life.


What is Included

Affordable Accommodation, Wellness

Premium Coworking Space

Private Community Events & Networking

Discounts From Local Partners

Your Community

We are a mix of singles, nomad couples and families from around the world. 

We love being outdoors in nature and spending lots of time by the water just as much as the city life.

We value being independent and having access to things that we need to optimize working remotely. 

If this resonates you are a Bitung City Nomad already and we welcome you.

Bitung City Community



Average Stay

45 Days


Business Coach
Social Media Manager
Web Developer

Type of Arrival

Single: 50%
Couples: 25%
Family: 25%

The City of

Bitung is the central area of the city where all the action happens. Since it’s the main city you will find ample access to spas, bars, pharmacies, restaurants. If you’re looking for a little bit more action then Bitung City may be for you.

The Island of

Lembeh is more on the quiet side and although offering less amenities, offers a close connection to nature and quiet life that you may enjoy. If you enjoy scuba, divings, water sports then Lembeh is for you.

Lembeh Island
An Ocean Lovers Dream

Welcome to Lembeh Island! Located in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, this stunning paradise is a diver’s dream. Known for its incredible underwater biodiversity, Lembeh Island offers unparalleled diving experiences. Explore vibrant coral gardens and encounter unique marine life like octopuses and nudibranchs in the famous Lembeh Strait. Beyond diving, enjoy pristine beaches, clear waters, and relaxing under the warm sun. Nature enthusiasts can go trekking to discover the island’s breathtaking beauty and spot rare wildlife. With comfortable accommodations, delicious local cuisine, and the warm hospitality of the locals, Lembeh Island promises an unforgettable adventure. Discover the underwater wonders, marvel at nature’s beauty, and create cherished memories on this remarkable island.

Batu Putih Village

Your home base is Batu Putih Village, where time seems to stand still. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of this quaint village, as friendly locals share their traditions and stories, leaving an indelible mark on your heart.


During the week you’ll stay at guest houses in Batu Putih Village. These well maintain spaces have common spaces that we have transformed to have coworking. On Lembeh island you can stay at a 4 star resort that also has areas for coworking. We have also converted some hotels in Bitung City to Aparthotels to include a cooking stove in-suit to best support your digital nomad lifestyle.

Guest Houses

50MBPS Wifi

Work Desk



Spend a relaxing and productive time in our official Coworking hub in Bitung City. We have free water, coffee and snacks at an arm’s reach for when you need to get up and stretch it out. 

We also hold regular community events, networking and social occasions so you’ll always have something to do if you’re feeling up to that. Nearby are also cafes and bars when you want to switch it up a little bit.


Take time of your screentime and get yourself to one of our traditional massage centers or even our local swimming pool. You’ll have full access to all amenities and amazing value and experience.


An active community that loves the outdoors is what Bitung City Nomads is all about. We’ve got loads of things to keep you moving when you want and also to kick back, relax and meditate when needed. Check out some of the various activities you can get enjoy while in the City.





Meet Your Community Manager
Primy Jeils

Community Managers are here to make your stay fun and easy. Although a Sulawesi native, Primy has spent extensive time in other major digital nomad communities like Bali and also has a broad global perspective to care for nomads from around the world. She will be happy to share the hidden gems of Bitung so you can enjoy every step of the way.


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